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As the Oshawa Assembly Plant prepares to begin production of Buick Regal models for the North American market next month, its mission just became a lot greener, thanks to Buick's announcement of the new 2012 Regal eAssist™ available beginning this Fall.

The eAssist™ system improves fuel efficiency by up to 24 percent over the Regal's four-cylinder/six-speed powertrain, delivering estimated fuel consumption of just 8.0 L/100km city and 5.4 L/100km on the highway*. Its fuel consumption beats out competitors such as the Acura TSX, rated at 9.3 L/100km city and 6.2 L/100km highway. The Regal eAssist's estimated 5.4 L/100km on the highway is 13 percent better than the TSX, which doesn't offer a six-speed automatic transmission, all standard on the Buick.

"The award-winning Buick Regal is proof of this company's capabilities on the car side of the business, and the addition of the Regal with eAssist shows just how serious we are about offering consumers a range of sophisticated powertrain options from green to mean," said Kevin Williams, president and managing director of General Motors of Canada. "Integrating such advanced fuel-saving technology into our Oshawa Assembly Plant is a natural fit given the plant's flexible manufacturing system and its longstanding quality leadership, and we're proud to lead the way in terms of green technology production in Canada."

Regal joins the 2012 LaCrosse as the second Buick to feature the fuel-saving technology. The eAssist system is comprised of a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery and electric motor-generator that provide electrification to deliver regenerative braking, engine stop/start and electric boost capability. eAssist delivers hybrid-like fuel efficiency, but also excellent ride quality, handling performance and interior quietness, while costing thousands less than competitors with similar technologies.
"With the eAssist system, customers don't have to trade a premium driving experience for efficiency," added Williams. "We believe Regal and LaCrosse with eAssist provide more logical and affordable choices, compared to other hybrid midsize and full-size luxury sedans."

Regal with eAssist goes on sale this fall. It joins an expanding lineup that also includes 2.4L and 2.0L Turbo (with manual transmission) models, as well as the upcoming Regal GS. Regal with eAssist offers the range of luxury and convenience packages offered in the other models, along with unique features that include:
•    Lightweight 17-inch alloy wheels and tires with lower rolling resistance
•    A driver-selectable, fuel economy-optimizing mode for the air conditioning system, which enables more frequent and longer-duration engine stop periods
•    An ECO gauge on the instrument panel that continuously responds to driving behavior, enabling the driver to drive with greater efficiency
•    A powerflow readout in the 7-inch infotainment screen, which shows the flow of energy through the electric assist system, such as battery charging from regeneration and electric power directed to the engine.

Photo courtesy of General Motors of Canada