Oshawa ground breaking sets off wing war PDF Print E-mail

The ground breaking for a new American based wing chain in Oshawa has set off a wing war of sorts, as an established Canadian chain is fighting back with a lawsuit.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar™ officially dug into Canada's restaurant landscape recently with a ground breaking in Oshawa to mark the start of construction on the first Canadian Buffalo Wild Wings location.

The Oshawa location is currently scheduled for a May opening and is the first of 50 locations the company plans to open over the next five years, which the company says will create 3,500 jobs across the country.

According to the company's new release, "the expansion will allow Canadians to partake in the truly unique Buffalo Wild Wings™ experience from the always fresh, never frozen wings and 14 flavourful signature sauces, to the exciting atmosphere ripe with a passion for sports, with games shown on more than 40 large high definition televisions and eight big screens around each restaurant."

However, the American company faced a challenge shortly after the ground was broken in Oshawa. Wild Wing, an Ontario-based  company specializing in chicken wings, isn't taking Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar's Canadian excursion lying down.

They released a news release stating that "in response to Buffalo Wild Wings announcement of their ground breaking events in Oshawa, Wild Wings ... is commencing a Federal Legal Claim with respect to their intellectual property matters, denouncing unabashed attempts to take advantage of Wild Wing good will through bad faith conduct misleading Wild Wing franchisees, customers and supporters to believe that other competitors intellectual property rights are approved, registered here in Canada, or affiliated with the harmless Canadian Wild Wing thereby creating confusion in the marketplace."

Only time (and the courts) will tell if there is room enough for two 'wild wings' in Oshawa and other Ontario communities.