Hydro rates going up in Whitby PDF Print E-mail

Electricity rates are going up in Whitby, thanks to a decision by the Ontario Energy Board.

The OEB has announced new electricity distribution rates for Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation (Whitby Hydro). The new rates are effective January 1, 2011

The delivery line of electricity bills will increase by approximately 5.9% or $2.23 for Whitby's residential customers using 800 kWh per month. The delivery line represents about one-third of the total bill.

Whitby Hydro requested $20,747,189 to cover its costs for the 2010 rate year. As a result of the Board's alternate dispute resolution process, Whitby Hydro reached a settlement with intervenors in the application which the Board approved. Whitby Hydro's approved settlement agreement will recover a revenue requirement of $20,197,169 for the 2011 rate year.